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Lola Lavender-Hardisty  



“I am a Photographic Historian.” Photographer Lola Lavender-Hardisty, who has been documenting the district for several years, has captured fresh views for this book. Her Stockyards photos have been published in Texas Monthly, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler.  She recently photographed the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony. Her work, which has won numerous awards, is regularly posted and shared on Facebook, Flickr, and sold on her website.  The trailer for the Fort Worth Herd longhorns is wrapped with one of Lavender-Hardisty's images.

Lola serves on the Board of Directors for Friends of the Fort Worth Herd. She has led many photowalks in the Stockyards to share her love of the area with other photographers. It is Lola’s passion to capture and document in photos the people, architecture, attractions and events of the current Stockyards. She is the official documentarian of the Fort Worth Stockyards book and also Project Director and Publishing Coordinator. Many people in the Stockyards consider her and Jack Edmondson “The Keeper of the Stories.”